#3 – The New Eagle Circles the Strait with Ross Feingold


In this episode, Liam speaks with Ross Feingold about the Biden administration’s approach to Taiwan, China and Cross-strait relations. The discuss how Biden and Trump differ on Taiwan, US-Taiwan trade relations, the importance of human rights, how the Taiwanese public view Biden, inter-party relations between Taiwan’s ruling DPP and the Democrats, how Taiwan fits within the broader US alliance network in the Indo-Pacific, the cross-strait security dilemma and other topics.

Ross is a Taipei-based global security and international relations analyst. A a lawyer by training, he was formerly involved with presidential campaigns in the US before moving to Asia, where he has since worked at several global security consulting firms in Hong Kong. He has made numerous media appearances in both English and Chinese language programs including on CNBC, CGTN, 寰宇新聞 or Global News TV and International Community Radio Taiwan, among others. He offers analysis on cross-strait relations, US policy in Asia and other related topics. Follow him on Twitter @rossfeingold

The Kim and I is the official podcast of Strategic Pan Indo-Pacific Arena think tank.